1. c. however
2. b, emphasize
3. a. quickly
4. d. check
5. b. ignore
6. b. punctuality
7. b. so
8. d. rewarded
9. a. also
10. c. revenue
11. d. cautious
12 c. problem
13. a. noticed
14. c. trip
15. b. moral
16.d. sacrifice
17. a. cost
18. d. relating
19. b. specify
20. a. achieve

parta text 1
21. research byy the world economic forum suggests______
d. an urgent demand for new job skills
22. at&t is cited to show_____
c. an alternative to the fire-and-hire strategy
23. efforts to resolve the skills mismatch in canada______
b. have appeared to be insufficient
24. we can learn from paragraph 3 that there was______
a. a lack of medical workers
25. scandinavian airlines decided to_____
d. prepare their laid-off workers for other jobs

parta text 2
26. some people argue that food self-sufficiency in the uk would____
c. contribute to the nations

27. the report by the university of leeds shows that in the uk_____
d. most land is used for meat and dairy production
28. crop-growing inthe uk is restricted due to_____
d. its natural conditions
29. it can be learned from the last paragraph that british people_____
d. rely largely on imports for fresh produce
30. the authors attitude to food self -sufficiency in the uk is_____
c. doubtful

parta text 3
31. what is true about wunderlist and sunrise after their acquisitions?
a. their engineers were retained.
32. microsofts critics believe that the, big tech companies tend to____
b. eliminate their potential competitors
33.paul arnold. is concerned that small acquisitions might____
c. harm the national economy
34. the us federal trade commission intends to_____
c. examine small acquisitions

for the five biggest tech companies, their small acquisitions have_____
a. brought lttle financial pressure

parta text4
36. nalini ambadys study deals with______
b. the reliability of first impression
37. in ambadys study, rating accuracy dropped dramatically when participants______
a. focused on specific details
38. judith hall mentions driving to show that_____
a. reflection can be distracting
39. when you are making complex decisions, it is advisable to______
d. follow your feelings
40, what can we learn from the last paragraph?
b. intuition may affect reflective task.

part b多项对应/小标题对应
41. g. decide whether to wait.
42. d. ldentify ashared goal;
43. c. ask permission to disagree.
44. a. stay calm.
45. b. stay humbles



part a小作文
suppose you are organizing an online meeting. write an email to jack, an international student.
1) invite him to participate, and
2) tell him the details.
you should write about 100 words on the answer sheet.
do not use your own name at the end of the email. use“li ming”instead.
do not write the address, (10 points)

本次小作文的类型是聘请信。考研英语二在2021年和2013 年的小作文均与聘请有关这类函件是历年真题中考频较高的一类,需注重。而从论题上来看,与当下疫情:的社完成实有关。线上会议和线上教育变成了一大趋势。

1. we hope that you can join us.期望你能参加其间。
2. we are looking forward to your participation. 咱们等待你的参加。
3. we will appreciate it if you can join us.假定你能参加的话,咱们会非常感谢。
4.the purpose of… is to….该……的意图是……
5. the meeting will be held on (平台)in (时刻)会议的将…..平台前进行。

partb 高文文
write an essay based on the chart below. in your writing,you should
1) interpret the chart, and
2) give your comments
you should write about 150 words on the answer sheet. (15 points)



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